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About us

About Us

While my brother was incarcerated for 21 years, I had no way of knowing if I'd ever see him again without the watchful eye of a corrections officer. I became determined to do whatever I could to help him maintain his dignity while holding on to hope. The best tool for the job became my words. Words of hope that helped to restore my brother’s faith that things would someday get better while increasing his resiliency to endure until they did. After 21 years of postcards, letters, and visits to what was at the time the only super-maximum security prison (Supermax) in the state of Virginia, many shared lunches and two Christmas dinners from a prison visitation vending machine, Sulie Seeds was born. Now my team and I are dedicated to creating postcards for every incarcerated person. Prison is a lonely and isolating experience which can sometimes do more damage than rehabilitation; its why we work so hard to provide a simple but powerful way for our customers to stay connected with their loved ones on the outside. A 6x9, visually appealing, and spirit lifting postcard every week. Who knew staying connected could be this easy?

                                                                   —Sulie Freeman                                                                                                                               




To provide a simple but powerful way for incarcerated individuals to stay connected with their loved ones on the outside through the creation and delivery of high-quality postcards that will give inmates something positive to look forward to and a tangible reminder that they still and always will matter. We are dedicated to designing and producing postcards that are visually appealing and durable. We believe that everyone deserves to feel loved and supported and we're committed to helping individuals maintain vital, sanity saving connections during a difficult time.


To become the leading provider of hope filled postcards for incarcerated individuals and to be a light in a world that is often too dark. We aim to expand our reach and impact, making it easier for individuals in correctional facilities to stay connected with their loved ones and maintain vital relationships. We are committed to continuously improving our products and services, while giving back to our community by supporting programs that help individuals transition out of the criminal justice system.

  • What is a Sulie Seed?
    The name “Sulie” borrows its name from our founder, Rahsul ‘Sulie’ Freeman who spent decades researching tactics and techniques for inspiring others and adding value to their lives in a non-judgmental way. A seed is a metaphor for great things coming from humble beginnings. A Sulie Seed is the coming together of the founder’s name and a collection of aphorisms and maxims on a postcard designed to helped the incarcerated choose hope over despair.
  • Is Sulie Seeds a religious organization?
    No. Though some of our messages of hope and encouragement find their roots in western religious principle or ideas it is not a religious organization.
  • Why send a postcard, book or letter?
    Because Veterans who regularly receive mail are: Better adjusted to life outside of prison upon release. Less likely to be involved in prison activities that can lead to them getting in trouble. Less likely to report feelings of depression and despondency.
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